Who thinks of mountain rescue while on vacation?

Nevertheless, it is always there when you need it. When things don’t go the way you planned. Whether in summer or winter. Whether in daytime or at night. On a hike. While skiing. On backcountry tours. Or paragliding.

In the province of Salzburg, more than 1,400 men and women are ready to go into action at 43 locations.

Our Tip:

As supporter of Mountain Rescue (cost: 28 euros annually) you benefit from the Mountain Rescue’s own insurance program: all rescue operation costs for you and your family and/or companion are covered. That includes ski slopes, air rescue worldwide! For details, please see  günstigsten Bergeversicherung für Berg- und Wassernot hier!

All details and background information can be found at our website:





Air Rescue • Province of Salzburg


Red Cross of Salzburgnewly organised in 2012, in cooperation with private helicopter companies, covering the entire federal state of Salzburg with air rescue. For emergencies in the city of Salzburg, in Flachgau and Tennengau the helicopter base at the Salzburg Airport is responsible. The regions of Pongau and Lungau are served from the base at St. Johann. The bases at Saalbach and Zell am See cover the Pinzgau. Seasonal winter support is also provided by the base in Radstadt im Pongau.

Austrian Red Crossassures you wide ranging services with the RedCrossCard, providing financial assistance to you and your family in emergencies. Leisure accidents in particular, which are not covered by mandatory health insurance, are completely covered, as are rescue costs with or without helicopter.

We assume the costs of rescue and helicopter air lifts worldwide up to the amount of € 30,000. in the result of acute emergency occurrences and medical necessity.

For details, please consult the following link:Leistungen der Rotkreuz-Card