Mountain Rescue


The Austrian Mountain Rescue Service of Salzburg province

Whenever you need help, we give our best!


The mountain world possesses a fabulous kaleidoscope of natural beauty, diverse sports opportunities and relaxing enjoyments which are on offer to all comers.

Yet regardless whether on a ski slope, a sledding run, in outlying terrain on a backcountry tour or during a relaxing hike: objective and subjective dangers are omnipresent. In the mountains, things happen far more quickly than one expects. Even caution, planning and extensive experience cannot make one invulnerable. The line-up of potential unpredictable incidents is enormous.

And when something happens, swift and efficient help can save lives.

For that reason 1400 superbly trained mountain rescue squads stand at-the-ready in the province of Salzburg. Manned by volunteers without pay. Round the clock. Eleven thousand of them, all over Austria.

Tel. numbers in an emergency

Whoever needs help in the mountains dials 140 and is directly connected to the command control center of the Red Cross and the Mountain Rescue. Setting off an alarm by dialing ‘Alpine Emergency 140’ is the first, basic response to any mountain emergency and the quickest way to call on the assistance of the Mountain Rescue. Additional numbers to dial are 112 and 144.

Inexpensive rescue insurance worldwide

In case you are not adequately insured for mountain sports, take a tip from us: for 28 euros (supporting member donation) the Mountain Rescue’s own insurance program will cover the costs of your rescue. Both in this country and abroad. All year round. For you, your family, your companion who lives under your roof. Children under 18 are also included. This offer is valid all over the world, including ground and air rescue from the mountains and the water up to a limit of 25.000 euros.


For details and lots of tips for a relaxing, carefree time in our splendid mountains, please consult:


Salzburg Avalanche Warning Service


0662 8042 2170




It is the responsibility of the Avalanche Warning Service to inform the public of current avalanche dangers and danger levels, thereby preventing casualties.

Prevailing hazards and potential avalanche scenarios are analysed carefully every single day, based on a concentrated web of measurements and observations, coordinated to internationally recognized standards.

For the ‘Alpine Safety’ platform the overriding task is to publish the daily avalanche bulletin and assign intensity levels to the current dangers for six regions in two languages.


Mountain Hiking Guides



Salzburg’s mountain hiking guides offer guided winter and/or snowshoe hikes under expert, professional supervision. Both as complement and alternative to ski slope fun.


This is the ideal balance to the hectic hubbub of customary ski holidays. Enjoy nature in your resort area far from the noise and the crowds, well off the beaten tracks. A guided winter hike takes you in safety at the side of a guide out into outlying terrain, gives you the opportunity to discover on your own the beauties of wintery landscapes.

To ensure that you enjoy to the fullest your day in the mountains and that your wintertime hike becomes an unforgettable experience, certified mountain hiking guides take care of all the preparations, organise the necessary equipment and guide you on the tour.


Tip: Many vacation resorts have snow-cleared winter hiking trails and/or special open terrain for snowshoe hikes. These sectors are ordinarily well suited for beginners and provide backcountry fun for the whole family.

Search for you own personal mountain hiking guide at the local tourist office or at www.bergwanderfü



ZAMG Salzburg

Center for Metrorology and Geodynamics

+43 (0)662 626301 0


Wetterauskünfte Salzburg:
0900 530 155


The ZAMG, founded in 1851, is Austria’s national center formeteorological and geophysical services.

The responsibilities of ZAMG include all the tasks of a national weather service,both meteorological and geophysical.

The spectrum extends from maintainingand supervising high-precision measuring devices and climate networks throughoutAustria to weather consultations and forecasts for all groups of users, e.g. farmers,energy producers, industry, commerce, tourism and leisure, all the way tocrisis management in case of natural disasters such as avalanches, floods,storms and nuclear catastrophes.

For the ‘Alpine Safety’ platform, the overriding task is to provide
precise weather information for the Alps and issue weather warnings.



The Freeride Experience

Freeride Camps in Salzburg since 2004





Experience skiing in outlying terrain, the unique harmony of feeling nature and a sporting challenge up close! A guide who knows every nook and cranny of the slopes accompanies you to the secret spots and untraced slopes, in small groups, separated into beginners and advanced riders.


For ventures into backcountry we organise and supply all your equipment comprising the latest freeride skis and sticks as well as a backpack with "avalanche sensor", shovel and probe. Since we place great importance on safety in the mountains, we will show you the right way to handle your equipment.


Alpine Police

THE ALPINE POLICE – out in nature for your safety



Authorised by the Department of Justice and administrative agencies of the government, investigations in the wake of accidents are carried out on the spot of occurrence in alpine terrain. All tasks clarifying the causes of accidents and documenting the course of events are carried out by well trained, professionally qualified officers of the Alpine Police.


Very often, the Alpine Police rush rapidly to the scene of an accident to provide assistance to victims or those who are in an emergency situation and must be rescued. Above all else in the wake of avalanches, when every minute counts to rescue people buried beneath snow masses.


Seeking out suspects after certain events have taken place in alpine terrain numbers among the core responsibilities of the Alpine Police. The cooperation with special units of the Airbourne Police or the Police Dogs Unit functions to perfection. In cases of missing persons, volunteer organisations also lend a helping hand.


Even though rescue operations are primarily the competence of the Mountain Rescue, it occurs regularly that people are brought to safety by members of the Alpine Police. This usually takes place with help of a Ministry of the Interior helicopter.

Mountain Guides


Mountain climbing and mountain sports are becoming ever more popular. The linking of physical activity to experiences of nature is for many the best imaginable way to balance everyday working life and stress. It provides a perfect way to escape the ‘rat race’ for a while.

The possibilities open to you in the fascinating mountain world are vast: hiking, high alpine tours, rock climbing in summertime; backcountry ski tours and ice climbing in wintertime. Anyone can find just the right thing, awaking new enthusiasm for outdoor life.

Our mountains and our alpine landscapes are fabulously beautiful, but there are also dangers and risks.


Pros to support you
Experience and ability on the one hand, knowledge and good equipment on the other: essential components to minimize risks and avoid accidents.

Although it is possible to purchase high quality equipment anywhere nowadays, going about it the right way requires knowledge and experience plus an extended learning phase.

That is where Salzburg’s Mountain Sports Association, employing about 120 nationally tested and certified mountain guides and ski guides, can provide major support.


It is automatically self-evident in sports such as golf or tennis to take lessons at the start, learn it the right way. Unfortunately, it is less customary for sports such as skiing or rock climbing to turn to experts and learn it the right way. Trying out mountain sports in alpine terrain can lead to fatal errors which are not possible in sports like golf and tennis.


Ready for deep powder
Particularly in wintertime, the phenomena snow and avalanches make a certain body of knowledge and ability imperative, both in assessing hazards and in the proper, efficient use of avalanche transceivers, beacons and other emergency equipment. It simply is not enough to have these devices along with you. The safe, sure way to use them in stress situations is indispensable in order to come to the aid of a companion in distress.

Mountain guides and Alpine Schools offer a wide variety of courses of instruction and training units. It is urgently advised not only to learn the theory and practice of snow and avalanche science, but to perfect it.

Those with an urge for deep powder snow who do not have knowledge of the terrain can nonetheless discover unlimited slopes of spectacular beauty by consulting nationally certified mountain guides and ski guides and getting valuable tips  from them.


For additional details, please consult Salzburg’s Mountain Sports Guide Association the alpine and mountain climbing schools in the province of Salzburg.